Some rivals damage reputation of

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Not resolved

All published post about is totally bluff!!!

Someone damage reputation of!

We're ready check all customers in our database and show results here.

Noone of these bluff-customers can't show confirmation of order and payment.

We found a lot of similar reviews for another companies who are located in google top10(20) search results by most popular keywords(replica watch).

It's a fact some use this method to damage reputation of companies.

All posts made by similar companies. Also rivals use hackers attack(DDoS) to shut down our server!


Sales manager,

Review about: Replica Watches. is a sorry excuse for a company.

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Not resolved is a sorry excuse for a company.

When a company like does nothing but lie to their costumers. They need to be taken down. does not even provide a phone number to call them.

All does provide is an email address. Which no one ever answers back. I know when i place an order i like to speak with someone to answer any questions i might have. They do do provide any frequently asked questions. They barley provide any information. Like i said is a sorry excuse for a company. One day hopefully soon they will be shut down.

Rose Waholek are crooks

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Not resolved are crooks

When i placed my order with i spoke with a person by the name of Rob. I ordered a Hublot Big Band Carbon Dial, pressure proof sapphire crystal with anti flash coating and rubber strap and also waterproof item number 15786 for $800. I placed the order over three months ago. Still to this day i have not received my order.

When i called back they said they were out of stock and they would send out a replacement watch instead. I still do not have my order. I do not think has no intentions of sending out my order. are crooks. They are only out to get your money. Watch out for them.

Regina Koch are frauds and scams.

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Not resolved are frauds and scams.

I recently ordered a Officine Pamerai Luminor Marina Black Dial, Arabian Numerals, Genuine leather band with classic Panerai Clasp item number 9985 for $599 from When I spoke with someone he told me that has an exchange and refund policy.

When i received my order from i did not like my watch it was nothing like the original. So i called again. He acted like he did not know what i was talking about even tho on their website it says they do.

So now i am stuck with a watch that i do not want. This company is nothing but frauds. Watch out if you order from this company.

Suzanne Carr took my money

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Not resolved took my money

I believe i said enough in the headline. I ordered a Vacheron Constantin transparent Dial, leather band with stainless steel clasp item number 15800 for $ did send me a watch just not what i had ordered. And it is not like gives a phone number to call them.

I have emailed more than a few times. And still no one has gotten back to me. They don't even provide an address to send them any letters. needs to be shut down or start doing the right thing. Whichever comes first.

Michelle Montgomery

Review about: Watch. what a rip off

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Not resolved what a rip off

First of all, How can a company like be in business and not have an address or a phone number to give their expecting costumers. A lot of other company's excepts C.O.D.s. only excepts visa and mastercard.

I ordered a Omega Speedmaster Skeleton black dial with stainless steel lock with deployant clasp item number 8260 for $162. When i received my replica rolex watch from it was not even wrapped in plastic. All it was in was a box with the name on it.

I lost my money ordering from this company. All i want is to warn other people before they make the same mistake that i did.

Dennis Smith

Review about: Watch. are frauds

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Not resolved are frauds

I ordered a replica rolex watch from almost three months ago.I ordered a Breitling Chrono Avenger Dark Blue dial with Stainless Steel Bracelet item number 9934 for $600. I got my watch and after two weeks of wearing the watch the so called solid stainless steel wore off.

I paid $600 for a watch that is nothing but ***. I emailed several unanswered emails. I can not call them because has no phone number at least not in the states.

All i want to do is to let other people know about Be careful when ordering from this company. Or you will get nothing in return.

Lisa Stewart


Milhaud, Languedoc-Roussillon, France #52531

You didn't made order from us!

There is no customer with such name!


Sales manager,


hi i order two watches from topwatch until till now i am calling and still dont get no-answer asyet,when my order were process through another company,topwatch answer me and said my order will be with me within 8 to 11 buisiness days,till now i try to call the company that i order from and i never get an answer,but i will report it to the police today are rip offs.

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Not resolved are rip offs.

I ordered a replica watch from I ordered a Swiss Patek Philippe Nautilus white Dial with zircon stones hour markers item number 8900 for $700. I placed the order with over a month ago. I still have not received my order.

I do not even think they have any intentions of sending me my watch. are nothing but crooks. They are only out to get all the money they can get.

If you look at the website there is no phone number provided in the states. Only way of getting a hold of them is by email. I have sent them several unanswered emails. I wish they would be shut down.

Leona McGovern

Review about: Watch.

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